Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Escape Goat

Here is an animal that was a huge part of my life and gave me enormous pleasure, I was his Mother from 3 months old and he was what in the goat world you could call a 'Gentleman'.

He was beautiful, but billy goats tend to be one person people only and although he was beautiful in my eyes and I could command him to do just about anything, he wasn't having it with anyone else. Both my ex husband and my Father in law could not deal with him, Eros wasn't having any of it. It was me, or NO one. I had raised him from 3 months old. My Father in law raised bullocks, had bulls, but could NOT get anywhere near Eros. Eros wasn't having NONE of it.

Have you ever got up close and personal with a billy goat you do not know. They will get up on their hind legs and try to butt YOU. If you are NOT familiar with billy goats, you have had it. Imagine being butted in the head by that beast,he was six foot tall off the ground, and provoked, he meant business.